This module provides access to the condition REST api of Camunda.


class pycamunda.condition.Evaluate(url: str, business_key: Optional[str] = None, tenant_id: Optional[str] = None, without_tenant_id: bool = False, process_definition_id: Optional[str] = None)

Trigger the evaluation of conditional start events.

  • url – Camunda Rest engine URL.
  • business_key – Business key for the process instances that might be started.
  • tenant_id – Tenant id of the conditions to evaluate.
  • without_tenant_id – Whether evaluate only conditions that have no tenant.
  • process_definition_id – Process definition id of the conditions to evaluate.
__call__(*args, **kwargs) → Tuple[pycamunda.processinst.ProcessInstance]

Send the request.

add_variable(name: str, value: Any, type_: Optional[str] = None, value_info: Optional[Mapping[KT, VT_co]] = None) → None

Add a variable for the evaluation of the conditions.

  • name – Name of the variable.
  • value – Value of the variable.
  • type – Value type of the variable.
  • value_info – Additional information regarding the value type.